The Orville

Studio: FuseFX
I was tasked with helping to prep and model the CG city alongside a team, but was fortunate enough to be given the creative freedom to design the commuter pod driven by Seth Macfarlane's character, Ed. I was given a basic silhouette (a sphere and two stabilizers) without any concept or reference and allowed to design everything inside and out. I was heavily inspired by the look of the drone in Oblivion in coming up with the overall look and paneling. It was a privilege to be given that level of trust, and I was honored to be part of the project.

Yoshi vu city 001


Yoshi vu city 002

Commuter Pod flying through city.

Yoshi vu city 003

Commuter Pod flying through city.

Yoshi vu pod 001

Commuter pod landing on platform.

Yoshi vu pod 002

The commuter pod, upon landing, has the front center panel rotate outward to create a step.

Yoshi vu pod 003

Here, I designed a console that would open along with the "door" in a rotating motion outward.

Yoshi vu pod 004

The console in the closed position.

Yoshi vu pod 006

Commuter pod interior.